Sunday, September 12, 2010

Noodle Art

I wanted to help the boys with counting this summer so we bought different kinds of noodles & dyed them different colors.  Then I got a muffin pan & put the little papers in them & numbered them with various numbers.  Then we practiced counting the noodles and putting them with their number.  I mean they can count out loud, but thats just like singing your ABC's w/o recognizing them.  Of course they're boys, so this became boring after a little while so we made noodle art, they told me what to draw w/the glue and then they put their noodles on it, we made funny faces and their favorite letters, A and B of course ;) !  It was a lot of fun for all of us, even Chloe joined in and helped the boys make noodle necklaces.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Our church puts on the best VBS program for is so much fun to be apart of!  This year they were rockstars!  The boys weren't technically old enough, but since I helped in the crazy art room they got to go.  Chloe was too old this year, but she volunteered to help, she chose to help with the special needs group and made this momma super proud.  She has such a kind thoughtful heart!

They pass out CDs of the music so we can learn the songs, well Avery loves the B-I-B-L-E song, when it comes on he yells that's my song! So funny! Briley of course needed a song so he chose "You don't have to be superstar, God loves you the way you are!" .   During the last night where everyone comes, the boys got stage passes, well they called Avery's color first and to my suprise he went up there on stage.....for like 2 seconds! Ha! As soon as he realized he was all alone he burst out least I got a non-crying pic.  I would've liked a crying pic, but decided not to be mean and went & rescued him!
Briley loved it on stage! He couldn't wait for them to call his stage pass color & went running up there all by himself.And Chloe of course loves being on the stage too!  Maybe next year Avery will like it better, he really is a brave kid, especially when it comes to doing dangerous things!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Birthday America!!

We had a fabulous 4th even though our original plans were rained out! My aunt Sarah & cousin Tristan were here from Canada and my cousin Amanda came from Canyon.  We had planned to go to the lake on the 4th & BD went ahead of us, but ended up getting stuck out there because they closed the road down due to all the rain, so for the 1st time in 10 years I didn't celebrate the 4th with him :(((  But we made the best of it.  We made all the cousins tye dye fun, but so messy!!  They looked adorable in them!   We painted our faces too....I told Briley stop smilig so I could do his face & the kid just changed his smile...he can't not smile!!  Of course we popped fireworks, but in the driveway (I know that's a no-no, but the whole block seemed to be doing it...I mean the idea of going & finding a muddy spot in the country wasn't too appealing!))  Briley wasn't a huge fan of the loud ones (made him cry)...we could see really big ones not far from us in the sky & he LOVED those, so he told me, "I don't like fireworks, but I like fireworks"! Silly boy!!  Avery helped do his first sparkler...he has no fear, unfortunately!  Anyway, here are some pics....

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Super Naked Heroes

I made the boys super hero costumes just for fun and they loved them...they immediately felt like they could fly off couches and other high places?!  Of course we're STILL potty training (yes it's nearly been a whole month & Avery is basically trained, but my double stubb is having some issues that are causing his father & I to pull our hair out!!), so when we're at home, we're pretty much naked all of the time, except now they're naked with capes & masks, which hides you're identity so nobody knows who the naked boys are anyway right?! And yes I hid the identity of their specials with a little pixilation action so I don't have any perves stealing my sweet boys pics!!

Ice Cream prayers

The ice cream man comes by pretty much everyday, and of course they ask EVERYDAY if we can go get some! Lucky for them their Daddy has just as big of a sweet tooth as they do, so he races out there with them at least once or twice a week!

Well, after he came the other day, Avery was saying his prayers that night and he said "Thank you God for Grandma and the ice cream truck"...Briley chimes in "and the ice cream MAN!"!  So funny! They of course went on to list everyone else they know, but I know God loves a child's honesty and the ice cream man & his truck are all part of His creation, so definitely deserve prayers right?!

Toy Story 3 in 3D

We love love Toys Story 1 & 2, "Wooyee & Buzz Yightyear" are the coolest, so of course we were super excited to see TS3 and had to go opening day.  Toy Story was the first movie Chloe ever saw in the ttheatre so I think it's pretty cool that Avery's first movie was the 3rd one.  He did really great for his first movie, I had envisioned him running around hiding fro me in the dark, but being his favorite I think the end he did get a little carried away dancing and went too far, but overall he was great!!! 

You're never too old for this movie, Chloe, my mom & me laughed more than the boys and Mom & Chloe both cried...I know I would have, but spilled my coke on Avery & I, he proceeds to try to strip, so right at the tear jerking part I was a bit distracted! But we highly recommend it to ALL!  It was their first 3D movie & mine since the they started using these cool glasses versus the paper boxes!  Avery kept his on about 50% of the time, Briley set on the edge of his seat and barely even moved to eat his popcorn...he loved it needless to say!!

So cute!!This was right when the guy told us we couldn't take pictures in the theatre!!! What, even when the movie is over?  I had no idea!